The desire to be attractive accompanies a person throughout her/his adult life. But at any age, there are problems that have a negative impact on the health and beauty of your skin. Therefore it is important to constantly monitor the state of the skin in time to care for it.

We do not suggest you to try the ‘wonders’ of modern chemistry and biophysics (which is often not safe for health and beauty.) This facial treatment offers cosmetics based on natural products. Purifying toner, gentle exfoliating, mask and nice relaxing massage with bio-cream – it’s efficient, pleasant and safe for your face.

During the procedure, the face, the neck and the décolletage are processed.
Be healthy and beautiful!


Prevention of skin aging .
The presence of lines and wrinkles on the skin .
Grayish sallow .
Impaired function of the sebaceous glands .
The weakening of muscle tone.

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Price Per Person (£ 35.00)
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Facial 75 mins